Community Projects

For the benefit of the whole community

As part of our community benefit we offer a variety of projects and activities which help, support and develop the potential of local people and their communities.

Community Transport Project

Yr Orsaf is developing a project to support residents who face barriers because of the lack of public transport in Dyffyrn Nantlle. One important part of the project is promoting sustainable travel, and to support this Yr Orsaf is buying three electric vehicles (mini-bus, 7 seater car and 4 seater car), for community use. The Community Travel Officer will co-ordinate the project, working with the Dyffryn Nantlle Community Travel Partnership. It is funded by the Welsh Government and European money. As a pilot, Yr Orsaf is the home of a community electric car, Carwen, in a joint project with Arloesi Gwynedd Wledig.

ICF Project

Yr Orsaf has a Community Co-ordinator, who organises activates for older people, and voluntary drivers to offer lifts. The project works closely with the Food and Well-being Project, to provide meals twice a week. Funded by the Welsh Government and Cyngor Gwynedd.

Repair Cafe / MakerSpace

The Repaor Cafe / MakerSpace provides a space and activities for people to innovate, whilst at the same time using practical skills to repair things.

Community Tourism and Outdoor Activities

Celebrating the area's rich history, culture, language and landscape is the main aim of the project. We are creating resources for local residents and visitors to use, to understand and appreciate the area. There are more details about walks in the area here: 

Food and Well-being Project

The project has three main aims - community allotments in front of the leisure centre; Penygroes Wildlife Garden, to create a park for residents and at the same time increase bio-diversity; and Prydau Pen, transporting for to older people, and using left-over food from the the local co-op. The Project, like the Repair Cafe, is part of Yr Orsaf's work on the circular and foundational economy.

Enterprisng Young People Centre

Yr Orsaf is buying the building next door, Cymru Fydd, with the support fo Cyngor Gwynedd and the Welsh Government's TRI fund. Over the next year we will develop an office for our staff, a co-working space, and a centre for young people to learn community enterprise skills.

With Dyffryn Nantlle 2020

Digital Centre

The Digital Centre provides film, podcasting, coding and digital arts workshops for children and young people. There is a variety of equipment in the centre including ipads, chromebooks, sound recording equipment and cameras to name a few.

It is possible to hire the centre for groups in order to experiment and use the equipment. Contact [email protected] for more details.

For more information about the activities held in the centre, follow this link.

Film Club

Siop Griffiths' sister organisation - Dyffryn Nantlle 2020 - organises 2 film courses a year for children and young people. The films have won praise and awards in film festivals, including Into Film, PICS and Zoom Cymru, the South Wales Film and Television Awards, and the National Eisteddfod.

Gweithdai Celf

Dyffryn Nantlle 2020's arts workshops offer opportunities to children and young people to work with local artists. Usually the workshops develop skills, whilst also celebrating the history and culture of the area.

Drama Club

A children and young people's Drama Club was launched by Dyffryn Nantlle 2020 in 2019. It gives the opportunity to attend weekly sessions, build confidence, and develop communication skills. The club organises a yearly community performance. The project is funded by BBC Children in Need.

Funded by BBC Children in Need

‘Bro’ Banners

As part of our commitment to the arts and to improve the look of the High Street, banners are put up for eight months of the year, celebrating history, language, culture, landscape and much more about the area. In Yr Orsaf cafe there are exhibition panels, which explain the stories behind each banner.

Community WiFi

Siop Griffiths have been a part of the planning process for a community WiFi in Penygroes. The WiFi is available for the community to use on the streets, free of charge.